Dorothy Siemens

for Fiddlesticks Knitting   2009

Fern Glade

Various fern motifs from Shetland to traditional combine in the delicate Fern Glade shawl. At the top, small motifs like little fiddleheads grow to become graceful fern fronds. A traditional Snail Shell edging finishes the shawl in a fanciful nod to the snails we see on dewy ferns in the morning.

The shawl is worked by casting on three stitches at the middle top, then increasing at the sides and middle to create a triangular shape. It is finished with a lace edging worked sideways and attached to the live stitches of the shawl to bind it off. Some lace patterns have lace shaping on every row.

Pattern Detail

  • No written line-by-line instructions, but clear information on how to read and follow the charts; all lace patterning charted
  • no schematics
  • no sewing
  • all season
  • straight (flat), no sewing
  • approx. 72 inches across top edge and 33 inches down middle point
  • digital PDF has 12 pages (letter size)
  • experienced
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 3.0 mm
    • US 2.5
    • 22.0 over pattern
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
Fern_glade Fern_glade_flat Fern_glade_lace Fern_glade_edging Fern_glade.pdf-1data

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