Helen Rose


4 Vivienne (birth to 2 years)

A top-down simple summer top worked mostly in the round, but a bit back and forth. Perfect for that special baby girl.

(Wonderfully rustic and wonderfully refined at the same time. If Hobbits had an aristocracy, we imagine this would be worn by all the Princesses of The Shire-- Ed.)

Pattern Detail

  • lace pattern charted
  • no schematics
  • no sewing
  • spring/summer
  • circular, no sewing
  • size 0-3m, 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m; see data page
  • digital PDF has 5 pages (letter size)
  • easy
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.5 mm
    • US 7
    • 22.0 over pattern
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.5 mm
    • US 7
    • 20.0 st st
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For support questions, please email instead for faster response.


Monday, February 20 2012, 17:56

For the 24 m, it should be (k5, k2tog) x 7, not (k7, k2tog) x 7. This is reflected in the new pattern.


Sunday, February 19 2012, 23:15

Ditto with the other error that 22 velvet pointed out. I've uploaded the new pdf. I think it's ok now. Sorry everyone! Helen


Sunday, February 19 2012, 22:32

I'm not sure how this happened, but the pdf if patternfish is different from the final copy I have at home here.

After "Knit three rows." it should say "Work garter st until 8 (9, 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2) inches from CO edge and ending with a purl row."

Sorry about the omission. I will let Patternfish know.


Sunday, February 19 2012, 22:03

I did follow the 24month instructions. Ended up with 107 stitches. I simply decreased two stitches in the next row. Now have question I have finished all increase rows. Now knitting until measures 8 1/2inches from neck. I was reading ahead after finishing lace and knit 3 rows it says work garter stitch until 8inches from cast on edge. Isn't that the same as neck? Can't figure out how long top should be? 16 inches? Cindy


Sunday, February 19 2012, 07:06

I think you are looking at the instructions for the wrong size. For the 24 month size, you should use the instructions that start with: (k8, k2tog0 x 2, k5, co8, (k5, k2tog) x7, k1, co8, etc. Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Thanks! Helen


Sunday, February 19 2012, 00:42

I believe there may be an error in 24 month size round prior to joining and working in the round. (k7,k2tog)x7- there are not enough stitches to complete this .

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