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Lana Hames

for Lanaknits Designs

305W Casual Garter Stitch Pullover

One of the best things about this design is that it's easy to imagine it having been worn for more than a thousand years. Picture it in a Viking movie, or in the times of King Arthur or Robin Hood-- not out of place then, nor now. We should alert the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The 17-row slip stitch pattern down the front is a pretty detail, and it's echoed at the sides in a 9 row version. Gauge given is over garter stitch. There's a 305M for men, too, without the embellishment. Knit from side to side.

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • schematics included
  • sewing required
  • all season
  • straight (flat)
  • 4 sizes; finished 42" - 54"
  • digital PDF has 4 pages (letter size)
  • easy
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.0 mm
    • US 6
    • 20.0 over pattern
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
305w_complete_patternmain.pdf 305w_complete_patterndata.pdf-pg2

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