Shawn Glidden

for Acme Knits   2008

5036 Knotty Tote

"A fun durable tote for small trips to the market, or fill with beach towels and sunscreen!" says Glidden. "Knit this in linen (as shown) or cotton yarn and 1" wide strips of cotton fabric." We love the creativity and eco-friendliness here (which together mean the piece is machine-washable and -dryable, too). It's a fabulous use of both yarn and cotton, and the stitch pattern is very easy to do. Obviously the combinations are endless, and it's a fabulous gift, and quick to make with only the side seams and handles to sew up or on. Just 3 yards/metres of any 100% cotton fabric is all you'll need of it; a little cutting or ripping into 1" strips and you're off.

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • no schematics
  • sewing required
  • all season
  • straight (flat)
  • bag measures approximately 14"w x 14"h x 1 1/2" deep (empty)
  • digital PDF has 2 pages (letter size)
  • beginner
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 6.5 mm
    • US 10.5
    • 11.0 st st
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Purple Bluepurse Orangepurse 3purses Linentotes.pdf-2data

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