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Tulips embedded within bold teardrop shapes give way to a delicate lace mesh in this tip-to-top shawl.

Worked from the bottom up, this shawl starts with just a few stitches that grow in one ever-widening “wedge.” Matching gauge exactly is not crucial for this project. Choose a needle size that produces a fabric that you like, then adjust the shawl’s size if necessary by working more or fewer repeats of the main pattern or the border pattern.

Stitch patterns are presented in written form, and as grid-free charts known as stitch maps. Visit for more information on stitch maps.

Pattern Detail

  • stitch patterns are both written and charted
  • no schematics
  • no sewing
  • all season
  • straight (flat), no sewing, bottom-up / toe-up
  • 30" (76 cm) long and 90" (228.5 cm) wide as shown, with suggestions for resizing
  • digital PDF has 6 pages (letter size)
  • intermediate
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 3.75 mm
    • US 5
    • 22.0 st st
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Alexa Photo22-cropped Photo8 Photo11-cropped Photo12 Cover

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