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for Alana B   2018

Eyelet Cable Hat - Worsted Weight (baby to adult)

Eyelet Cable hat is my most popular pattern. It is a mock cable so it looks like a cable but there is no cable needle required.

The picture is of my 7 year old he is wearing the child/small adult size. The mock cables make this hat very flexible. The size that my son is wearing fits him, my 11 year old (who is bigger then I am) and me.

The Yarns of Richard Devrieze- Fynn are great for this hat it makes it warm and it has a depth to it, giving it a soft squishy feeling. The last time I had this pattern on my son he wouldn't keep it on as a baby (he wouldn't keep anything on) but this time he didn't want to take it off.

The more difficult abbreviations that are in the pattern are as follows;
P2tog – Purl two together.
SL1 – Slip one purlwise.
K2tog – Knit two together.
Sts – Stitches.
SL1-k2-Psso – Slip one stitch, knit two stitches, take the slipped stitch and pass it over the two knit stitches and off the needle.

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • no schematics
  • no sewing
  • fall/winter
  • no sewing, circular, bottom-up / toe-up
  • newborn (baby, toddler, child/small adult, med adult, large adult).
  • digital PDF has 2 pages (letter size)
  • intermediate
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.5 mm
    • US 7
    • 20.5 st st
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
Crop1 Eyelet-wfp Hatcrop2

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