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Canadian Art Deco Knits

For the last few years I’ve been visiting Canadian Art Deco buildings, taking pictures, and using those pictures for inspiration for my designs. This book is the result.

There are 12 patterns included: 4 lace shawls, 2 double knitting projects (a hat & a scarf), 1 textured scarf, and 5 colorwork projects (a fair isle hat, a stranded cushion, stranded mittens, roositud mittens and hat, and a stranded cowl). The book also includes pictures and a brief history for each of the buildings used for the patterns.

The book also includes an explanation for the more complex techniques used in the patterns.

Pattern Detail

  • instructions are written and charted
  • schematics included
  • sewing required
  • digital PDF has 92 pages (letter size)
  • easy
  • intermediate
  • experienced
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
Canadianartdecoknits_cover Canadianartdecoknits_backcover Cormiergrilleshawl Hockeyscarf_worsted Shawiniganscarf_ron_grey_edit Albertstreettam Timeismoney Dominionbuildingshawl Marinebuildingshawl Tramwaysset Marblefloorcowl Chandelierhat Aldredmittens Lyleowlpillow Cormiergrille_p1 Hockeyscarf_p1 Shawiniganscarf_p1 Albertstreettam_p1 Timeismoney_p1 Marinebuilding_p1 Dominionbuildingshawl_p1 Tramwaysset_p1 Marblefloorcowl_p1 Chandelierhat_p1 Aldredmittens_p1 Lyleowlpillow_p1

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