Norah Gaughan

for Berroco   2007

NGv1-1 Anais

Norah Gaughan's breathtaking aesthetic, as exemplified in her 2006 book Knitting Nature, changed our design landscape forever. Some knitters were intimidated by the scale an complexity of her ideas, but in this winning piece, you get the splendid Gaughan nature effect without extraordinary effort. (Bonus: it's seasonless.) You work the front half-medallion first, from the outer circumference to the centre; the cap sleeves are worked the same way. The body, worked in two flat pieces, is a simple shell with waist shaping; the back is completely plain ribbing and st st. The result is something utterly out of the common way, intriguing but very achievable.

Here is a charming 'Pep Talk' from the pattern, in case you remain unsure: "The spider web-like motif insert is amazingly easy. Until you drop the appropriate stitches, your work will not look at all like the finished motif. The row when you let go of those stitches is a bit scary, but magically transforming and fun. I recommend steaming the circle motif and sleeves to their fullest dimensions before assembling. Use a tail method to cast on; knitting on won’t work when you drop stitches."

This design is from Norah Gaughan Vol. 1, published by Berroco.

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • schematics included
  • sewing required
  • fall/winter, spring/summer
  • straight (flat)
  • bust - 30 (34-38-42-46-50-54)"
  • digital PDF has 4 pages (letter size)
  • intermediate
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 3.75 mm
    • US 5
    • 23.0 st st
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