Moira Ravenscroft

for Wyndlestraw Designs

Kimpton Scarf & Wrap

Simple yet sophisticated, the Kimpton Scarf is the perfect accessory for Spring and Summer. The scarf is worked lengthwise with a reversible openwork design which makes it lightweight yet warm enough to ward off any evening chills.

The pattern is worked in a Cotton/Modal yarn which gives great stitch definition and draping to the final fabric.

Instructions are included for three sizes to give two different lengths of scarf and a wider version which is just right for a wrap or stole. The pattern is easy to knit so is perfect to work on during day-trips in the car or picnics at the park.

Pattern Detail

  • stich pattern is written and charted
  • schematics included
  • no sewing
  • spring/summer
  • no sewing, straight (flat)
  • sizes: small scarf (medium scarf, wrap). width: 22 (22, 50) cm / 8.5 (8.5, 20) ins. length: 170 (185, 185) cm / 66 (72, 72) ins.
  • digital PDF has 5 pages (a4 size)
  • easy
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.0 mm
    • US 6
    • 19.0 over pattern
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
_232a-srgb-_20folded_20kimpton_20scarf_2010cmx8cm_20240dpi_20jpg10_205015059 _234-srgb-_20wrapped_20scarf_204x4ins_20264dpi_20jpg10_205015051 _233_20long_20scarf_20view_203pt25x6pt5ins_20_264dpi_20jpg10_205015050 Kimpton_20patt_20info

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