Moira Ravenscroft

for Wyndlestraw Designs

Beckenham Scarf

The English county of Kent is renowned for its hard winters. Residents living in towns such as Beckenham soon learn to wrap themselves up well when the northerly winds arrive. Here are two scarves that might just keep them - and you - warm during the deepest of chills.

The pattern features a strongly graphical design which is just perfect for a man's scarf. The grey scarf is worked in a soft worsted-weight merino wool, while the green version uses a super-warm chunky yarn.

Three different stitch charts are included to give a range of scarf widths to suit everyone you wish to knit for. The patterning is completely reversible so it doesn't matter which side shows as the breezes start to blow.

Pattern Detail

  • stitch pattern is both written and charted
  • schematics included
  • no sewing
  • fall/winter
  • no sewing, straight (flat)
  • pattern includes 2 different versions and 3 sizes in each version to give a wide range of scarf sizes.
  • digital PDF has 8 pages (a4 size)
  • easy
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 5.0 mm
    • US 8
    • 20.0 over pattern
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 6.0 mm
    • US 10
    • 15.0 over pattern
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
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