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[April 30, 2019] After almost 11 successful years in business, Patternfish will cease selling patterns on 31 May, 2019.

We will continue to make our customers' stashes accessible to them to the end of 30 June, 2019, in order to provide them with time to save their purchased patterns to their personal hard drives.

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9114 Ladies' Cardigan

It's a miracle. Here is a chunky weight yarn used in such a way as to make it look almost like a gossamer DK-- light, airy, fluid. It's the overall twisted-stitch-rib fabric that does it. With the stitches twisted on both sides of the work (not all of them, just the knit stitch columns), you get a remarkably pliant, elastic fabric-- and it also seems to mean that the garment is handknit, since we are not aware of any knitting machines that can produce this effect. Front bands are knitted of a piece with the fronts, so there's no extra finishing to work there-- just as the body fabric obliterates the need for any special edge treatment at the hems. Sleek, warm, gorgeous, not too complicated (the cables are mock cables)-- what more could you want?

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • no schematics
  • sewing required
  • fall/winter
  • straight (flat), bottom-up / toe-up
  • 5 sizes, to fit 32" - 40" bust; see data page
  • digital PDF has 4 pages (a4 size)
  • easy
  • intermediate
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 6.0 mm
    • US 10
    • 19.0 over pattern
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Stylecraft_209114_20approved_20for_20webmain Stylecraft_209114_20approved_20for_20webmain2 Stylecraft_209114_20approved_20for_20webdata

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