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Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles

It is now over 12 years since I first published Socks Soar. I’d last knit a pair of socks a dozen years earlier for my little daughter, when I decided to knit a pair of socks for myself. The patterns I found all used dou- ble-pointed needles (at that time, all sock patterns used dpns) and started at the cuff, continuing to a heel flap, heel turn, gusset, and finally, a grafted toe. I obediently followed this routine, enchanted by the mysterious shaping of the heel, but annoyed by the hodgepodge of needle points. I began to wonder: couldn’t there be a way to replace the dpns with friendlier, and fewer, circular needles, like the Addi Turbo needles with silky joins and pliant cables that I had recently been given.

The circular needles I had grown up with had plastic cables springy enough to launch a rocket, and joins that caught stitches as if they were culprits trying to sneak past. The difference between the Addi Turbo needles and my old needles was like night and day. I saw that I replace every two dpns with one circular needle. But what next? It seems hard to believe, but the next thing I did was to use a third circular needle (like a free dpn) to knit one needle’s stitches. In other words, briefly I was in danger of writing a book with the doomed title of Socks Soar on Three Circular Needles. But I came to my senses and realized that each needle could knit its own stitches, while the other needle rested. Once I realized how much faster and easier this method was, it was obvious that the discovery had to be shared.

Pattern Detail

  • colorwork, lace, cables charted
  • no schematics
  • sewing required
  • all season
  • circular, top-down, bottom-up / toe-up
  • child, women's, and men's sizes
  • digital PDF has 59 pages (letter size)
  • easy
  • intermediate
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