Megan Goodacre

for Tricksy Knitter   2014

Layer Collection

Is there anything better than layered knits?

The Layer Collection is inspired by luxurious fibres and the incomparable feel of knitted fabric. And it’s inspired by the act of knitting; these are relaxing, meditative projects.

Two wraps, a scarf, arm warmers, a cardigan, and the simplest of pullovers.

A little lace, some texture, and a few cables.

And the collection is versatile too. You’ll see the five patterns shown in nine variations. Switch out the colour, the fibre, and everything changes.

Knit, drape, layer and wrap. Most importantly, enjoy.

When you buy the Layer Collection, you will have access to the entire book, a 33 page pdf, as well as the individual patterns.

This collection includes:


(Please see the individual listings for more detailed descriptions of these beautiful pieces-- Ed.)

Pattern Detail

  • no charts
  • no schematics
  • sewing required
  • digital PDF has 34 pages
  • easy
  • intermediate
Click below for more images and yarn requirements
Tricksyknitter_layer Layer_datapage Coupletarmwarmers_2014_cover Lexiconwrap_2014_cover Lyricwrap_2014_cover Odepullover_2014_cover Sonnetcardigan_2014_cover

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