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Lace Meets Leaf Scarf

I have a problem with rectangular and with triangular scarves: too many wraps in the former, too short tails in the latter. But these geometrical shapes are amenable to lace stitch patterns, so I’ve made lots of lace triangles and lace rectangles . . . and had them do nothing more than decorate my closet.

This scarf’s shape is not based on geometry but, rather, what works for me to wear . . . a little depth in the center that is made to take a curve . . . plus longer tails that I can do something with and that hold the scarf on my neck . . . and it is worked in the lace that we love!

The base is worked in the relatively-simple fountain lace pattern (easily-memorized) with decreasing purl wedges giving the base a shape. The tails (extensions) are knit lengthwise (joined to the base) and worked in a more complex stitch pattern with some purl stitches (which means its edges will not curl under). The extension’s lace pattern is the drooping elm leaf—hence the name of the scarf.

Pattern Detail

  • lace patterns both written out and charted
  • schematics included
  • no sewing
  • all season
  • no sewing
  • digital PDF has 6 pages (letter size)
  • intermediate
    • 4 x 4 in
    • 4.0 mm
    • US 6
    • 19.0 over pattern
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Lml_201 Lml_202 Lml_203 Lace_20meets_20leaf_20scarfdata

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