To our publishers and customers

[April 30, 2019] After almost 11 successful years in business, Patternfish will cease selling patterns on 31 May, 2019.

We will continue to make our customers' stashes accessible to them to the end of 30 June, 2019, in order to provide them with time to save their purchased patterns to their personal hard drives.

Thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic support over the years.  It has meant an enormous amount to us.

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Submitting a Pattern

The new site submission page is faster and easier to use. While the new form is new and different, we planned it to be clearer, simpler, and more intuitive.

Our suggestion? Work your way through submitting a pattern and if you have difficulties, contact for assistance.

Be sure to check out About Selling for up-to-date data on commission rates, reports, and other general publishers’ information.

For NEW publishers click here for detailed pattern posting instructions Pattern Posting Instructions.

What are the main changes?

It’s faster. It will take take less time to fill in the submission forms and add your PDFs and photos.

The submission form is clearer and easier. Use separate pages to complete Pattern Attributes, PDFs (you may now add more than one), Pictures, Yarns, Gauge Combos, Supplier Links, and Videos. Each page explains what you have to do.

Drop down menus make it easy to select Pattern Features and Yarns. These elements drive the search engine. Be sure to include all applicable pattern features so that your pattern is easily found by purchasers.

You now may choose to ’unlock’ patterns so that your customers can mark up and make changes on their pdf copy of your pattern. See About Selling for details about pattern protection even when unlocked.

When you have completed creating your listing, submit by going to step 8, Submit for Sale, and select submitted. A Patternfish administrator will review and enable your pattern. The pattern will show as enabled on the Submit for Sale page, indicating that the pattern is available for sale on the Patternfish catalog. If you click shelved, you are requesting that we take your pattern out of the catalog. An administrator will follow up with you.

All non-exclusive pattern publishers are required to submit a data page with each pattern and add it as a jpg along with the pattern photos. See below for data page instructions or click the HELP link on the Pictures submission page.

Submitting a video can now be done through a video tab when you create your new listing. We will need to enable you to submit videos so please contact us at E-books can be submitted just like a regular pattern.

General Submission Information

You need a PDF (Portable Document Format) file containing your photograph(s) and the pattern. This PDF will be what your customer downloads.

Include all the detail information (yarn and needle requirements, notions, yardage, sizing and final measurement data) on your pattern cover page along with a photograph.

For the pattern's body text, make the font size large, 11 or 12 point. If you have graphs, DO NOT use grayscales for denoting different colours; different symbols are better.

Supply separate JPEGs of additional photos. Optimal photo dimensions are portrait-oriented, 1024 height by 758 width, or a little bigger. We can scale down somewhat, but enlarging is tricky and may result in a rough-looking photograph.

DATA PAGE IMAGES. You need to supply a data page image when you submit your patterns. Make a jpg out of the general information that appears on your pattern front or second page. Include yarn, yardage, gauge, sizing, needle type and size, notion requirements, and anything else you think a potential purchaser might want to know before buying. You can view a sampling of data pages on any of our posted patterns if you need an idea of what to include. You will notice that the data pages are usually cropped to provide only the necessary info.

If you do not have or use Photoshop or other picture editing software, here is a link to information on how to use GIMP, a free picture and pdf editing program for those who are new to this step of creating your pictures and data pages for your pattern.

For Mac users, here is some info on creating a data page with your Mac Data Pages.

Detailed Pattern Posting Instructions

Begin by Logging In to the Patternfish site.

  • Go to My Account at the top right and click on it. You will find links to logout, your Profile, your Wish List, Your Pattern Stash (patterns you have bought from Patternfish), and Publishers.
  • Click Publishers and your publisher accounts will appear. Most publishers have one account only but you may have different publisher accounts for different businesses.
  • Your publisher page shows your Profile (you may change the details anytime), your Patterns (showing all the patterns you have submitted and that are enabled for sale), Account (your detailed Transaction History), and Sales Reports (your sales history).
  • Gayle Clow will coach you through your initial pattern upload procedure. Please post one of your patterns to begin; it will be reviewed and you will receive feedback and suggestions; when the pattern is complete to your and our satisfaction, it will be posted for sale.

  • You’ll see Add a New Pattern on your Pattern page. Click that link and you’ll arrive at the Create Your Listing pages. Each page includes instructions on how to complete it. It’s pretty straightforward and you cannot make a mistake. Check the look of your pattern by clicking Preview anytime.

    Note that you may choose to Unlock your patterns and to give your customers with tablets the ability to mark up their patterns with notes. Your patterns are watermarked for protection.

    If your pattern has charts, complete that section and note what is charted, for example, lace pattern, border pattern. If your pattern includes both written and charted instructions, type that information in the space. The word “charted” will automatically be added.

    Follow the instructions at the bottom of each page to save your work and move to the next section. You may upload more that one PDF for each pattern.

    The Pictures section is where you also upload a data page with the essential information your potential customer needs before deciding to purchase; name, photo, yarn used and amount required, yarn weight, gauge, and needle size/s. Some designers provide brief construction notes as well. A simple way to create a data page for conversion to JPG is to include the information mentioned on the first page of your pattern.

    Complete Yarns, Gauge, and Supplier links sections. If you have videos, you be must enabled to add them. Email for assistance.

    Preview your pattern anytime to ensure it’s displayed just the way you want it.

    Click Submit for Sale and your pattern will be forwarded to Patternfish administration to be enabled for sale.

    You may make changes to your pattern listing anytime you wish by editing. If you discover errata at any time, add a new PDF to replace the incorrect one and new customers will automatically receive it when they make a purchase. Previous customers will be notified when they go to their stash that a new PDF is available for the pattern.